Monday, December 18, 2006

Work is going well and I have numerous projects going on all at one time. I also am slowly starting to learn Arabic a bit. The basic grammar is almost exactly like English which makes the whole process that much easier. Just replace the English words with Arabic. A lot of words have religious tone to them such as to say that you are fine is to say “HAMDALA” which means Fine, or Thanks god for health.

Again a very cold day here. We received a deluge of rain the other afternoon and well into the night. The following morning many roads were flooded. Made for quite the driving experience into the office this morning.

Softball will start up after the holidays here once again. A bit too cold out for the new bat as it states not to use it below 60 degrees F. The holidays here for me will be 9 days long. I am under the local holidays where as Heather is under the American holidays. So while I am working on Christmas she will be at the spa getting all massaged and pampered.

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