Monday, March 19, 2007

My biggest one to date. And maybe ever!

Work has been busy as heck lately as we get things done before the heat rolls in for the summer. Sounds like most folks here leave for the summer for up to 2 months. Many of them go to Thailand it seems. I here come summer that Phuket has a large Arab temporary population.
Found a new villa to stay in and are moving in the next week or so. The Sheihk is assiting us in that operation.
The cat is happy as a clam to be back home with her mother and father. It's like she has been with us the whole time. Surprised she has not went after the small bowl of fish we have in the sitting room rest room. We call them our potty pals.
Well gotta get as work days have been hard and long lately. Drop me an e-mail.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Well things are hectic this weekend for Heather and I. Our landlord has asked us if it is OK that we find another villa/flat since his cousin really wants the villa we are in. Reason being the cousin has the bottom floor and we have the 2nd and 3rd floors. The cousin has a business downstairs and could really use the extra space.

So house hunting is what we are up to again. We have a lease until the end of October, but if we find a nice place we will move. The Sheihk says he will asists us in the endeavor. Will let you all know how it goes and send picts as soon as we figure something out.

Other than that it is starting to warm up here with temps starting to get near 30 Celsius.

Softball is getting into full swing as we get ready for the Dubai tournament the end of April. The team I play for is called the Yard Dawgs. Should be a good time. Gonna be weird playing with a short fence. They limit the amount of home runs a team can have as well. I think it is 5 per game.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Kuwait City with view of fishing boats.
Well this week some friends of delivered there second baby. Congratulations to Heidi and Andrew on their baby daughters arrival. We met Andrew and Heidi as a result of the purchase of my car. Andrew works for Porsche here in Kuwait. Would be super cool if we can get Andrew and Heidi away next year for a dive & fish trip to Kwajalein. They would fit in quite nicely on the island.

Monday, March 05, 2007

While out doing some scouting for a project at work we stumbled upon this fellow. Actually he is quite small and we saw ones about 5 times his size. The only problem is they are fast and all the big ones were near their holes and we just could not manage to get a good picture of them. They have a very cool tail with sharp barb like spikes for use in defense. This little guy was released and slid back into his hole. As we drove we must have seen at least 20-30 of this guys all over the place sunning themselves.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Work is keeping me very busy lately as we try to accomplish as much as possible prior to the heat rolling in this summer and late Spring. Come summer nothing gets done due to the heat. Or at least nearly nothing outdoors.
This picture above is of a communications tower as you come into Kuwait city. Picture taken from the sun roof of the Porsche by Tara, an ex-Kwajer whom was here TDY from Afghanistan where she is stationed with her husband Devon.
Softball tournament is coming up quick. I am 8 weeks out from travelling to play in Dubai. Should be a good time. We have two teams from Kuwait going. Supposedly they are at 30+ teams for the tourney. Guarenteed 4 games. Two games for seeding and then the normal 2 losses and you are out format. Will get pictures and post them after the tourney.