Friday, December 15, 2006

Had a really excellent time the other night at the Kuwait Nomads Christmas Cracker. The event was black tie and included an excellent meal and dancing. This was Heathers first time to hang with Rugby folk and she seemed to enjoy it a great deal. Good times were had by all.

Prior to the nights festivities we went to the Hilton for lunch. While there we went and got our hair cut as well. I ended up getting a great facial as well. I always expected a facial to be pampering and what not but this was freaking painful. Yet it provided great results. I guess it is a fairly common guy thing to do here.

Also this night was the baby shower for some friends of ours as well so after the Cracker we headed to the shower. Enroute our cab ended up getting a flat. It didn't ruin the night at all though.

Today we ended up spending a nice quiet restfull day at the house.

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