Wednesday, December 13, 2006

The holiday seasons are upon us once again.

I have been asked by several persons what I may like for the holidays or my birthday coming up this February. The answer to this is that I usually just buy what I want. So after thinking I have come up with a brilliant idea. If you would like to do something for me then do the following.

Go to the website for the Shinta Mani located below and donate money to them in my honor. This is an OUTSTANDING organization. It is a hotel and spa located in Siem Reap, Cambodia that is an institute for the learning of the hospitality industry. They take kids off the street or from poor regions and teach them a valuable trade. They give rice to their families. Provide them with a stipend and uniforms. They assist them in finding gainful employment upon successful completion of the course. They also provide for the community in so many other ways. Check out the website to learn more.

I hope that this finds you all doing very well and that your holidays are filled with family and happiness.

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