Saturday, December 02, 2006

And now for the new restaraunt review for Mahboulla, Kuwait.

WASABI is now open and I have already been there 3 times. They have a huge menu. The staff is excellent. The food is superb. You have several seating options: normal tables, tepanyaki (cooking in front of you on the grill) and a couple private rooms for you and your friends to take off your shoes and enjoy the food. The ambiance is best at night as the lighting is very nice although should be enjoyed no matter what the time of day.

RUBY TUESDAY is also open next door. After hearing from several folks that the meat is often under cooked and needing to be sent back we ventured there none the less. Yes indeed we had an individual with a steak in dire need of a little more flame. Service though I thought was good. Time from drink order to reception was very good. And the pasta I ordered was enjoyable. Over all not bad just reccomend until you hear further to stay away from red meat.

Down the street it appears a Duncan Donuts is going in. Not a place I am rushing towards nor do I think I will be going there at all as I am just not that big of a donut fan but if it is your cup of tea then looks like you are in luck. Although if donuts are your thing maybe you should try Mr. Baker or one of the many other very nice pastry shops in the area.


sempersyko said...

What's up Tom? Nice car you Bastard! Hope you get it. Everything here is good, now married and know that we are going to be having a boy. Yes, you heard right, a little Travis running around raising hell. :o) Still trying to get accompanied status... Cue the crickets. Hopefully we will hear something positive soon. If not I will have to get a job somewhere else... Kuwait? :o) Take care Tom and say hi to Heather.
Travis & Grace

C. Thomas Eisele said...

Well plenty of Grace type jobs here and could find you something. Just hope they give you both accompanied status though on Kwaj. I think thats where you would rather be anyways.