Friday, December 22, 2006

Well we are finalizing everything on our vehicles here. Just awaiting one more piece of paper from the Ministry of Defense for me. To get a loan you need a salary letter from employer stating salary and what not. Loans are based off of this and not previous history here. The bank here is putting both cars into one loan. Short term though, 2 years fixed rate. Was a fairly painless event getting this done. Received great service from the Toyota and Porsche staffs. Didn't hurt having friends like Patti and Eddy though!

Heather ended up getting the Furtuner V6 Toyota. A pretty cool SUV that is just under the Land Cruiser Prado. The thing is fully outfitted and is a 4 wheel drive. Will be nice as sometimes you need to hop a curb to get around some nucklehead or another. Attached is a picture of the car. We will post either here or on Heather's site, in a week or so, her with her new toy(ota).

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