Friday, August 22, 2008

Moving can be difficult especially on a pet. Logistics and what not for moving can be not only a hastle but also quite expensive. For this reason cooking and eating your loved ones may be the answer. Eating your cat can have some great benefits. Firstly the nutrional value. Secondly they will be a part of you forever, be it in your bones, musle and tissue. May I suggest roasting. Also in a stew with carrots, potatoes, thyme, sage, salt, pepper, onions and some garlic. Any way you cook it your animal will always be a part of you.

Saturday, August 09, 2008

OK so the other morning there I was laying in bed staring straight in the eyes of my lovely wife when I said, " man you wouldn't beleive the dream I just had. People just couldn't get enough of my nippleless chicken breasts." Thats when Heather almost peed the bed. I said, "yah well I had a restaraunt and was the only one in town that sould nippleless chicken breasts. They are so much juicier and less chewy."

The End.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

I was just reading an article where a pro poker player was listing his top 5 favorite steak houses world wide and it got me thinking. What are my top 5 restaurants so far in all my travels period. Here they are. Feel free to comment back with your thoughts. Bon apetite!

Not in any order.

1. Sala Rim Naam, Bangkok, Oriental Hotel

Why? Well this restaurant is in what is widely considered one of the the top three hotels in the entire world. To get to the restaurant one must go through the long beautiful halls heading past some really nice facilities such as the river buffet and the jazz bar until you get to the gardens. Look for the teak barge. The barge looks as if it is hand polished each and every day and gleams i the lights of the city. Once aboard you are boated to the other side where the restaurant awaits you. Once in side you are seated in the floor and served like a king as servants bring you food on their hands and knees. Oh and it has the best show in town. The meal is set and the only thing you have to pick is a cocktail from the beverage menu. Cheers.

2. Metropolitan Grill, Seattle

Why? A true steak house. I love leather booths. Over the top service that makes you feel like a celebrity. Service is not just from the standard college kids but also from the more seasoned older wise gentleman that can help you to pick a fine wine from there vast list. This is the type of see or be seen type establishment I have always dreamed of pulling a fine car up in front of. Steaks served to perfection. If you can dream it they will make it.

3. Chez Hans, Cashel, Ireland

Why? Even the Dubliners that know will drive the several hours to this countryside small town to enjoy the food as well as the local Bru Boru theatre. The restaurant is in an olde church. The service is absolutely perfect. The food...............well all I can say is holy mackerel! Melt in your mouth delicacies. Sweet desert wines. You name it. Some of the food is simple. Yet it is not over done. Just taken to new levels of happiness with a little sophistication on the side.

4. Ruth's Chris Steak House, Anywhere

Why? Well most likely because as we travel every time I get back to the US I look for the nearest one of these restaurants. Best reason is every time and anywhere I go I can guarantee solid service and killer food. I have to admit I live a little high on the hog especially when it comes to food. I enjoy being catered to and pampered. I get all of this and some each and every time. And normally they have a great wine menu to boot. The sign to me of a good wine menu is whether or not they have a good Hungarian desert wine, specifically a Tokai.

5. The Village, Pohnpei, Micronesia

Why? OK close your eyes and picture this. OK close them after you read this. A long house with a woven roof, open sides, high up in the canopy on a steep slope over looking the lagoon of a beautiful island. Now add to this a huge mangrove crab and some beer. This is one hell of a romantic location whether alone or with friends you will feel as if time has stopped and not left you behind. Instead it has allowed you to calm your mind and soul and just breathe and eat. Cheers.