Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Well all is well here in the great big hot sandbox. Very dusty today outside.

We have 2 house guests from Afghanistan right now, both of which are friends from Kwaj, Bill Weaver and Tera Noel. They are hear for classes with ITT. Had dinner with them and Jim Davis just the other night.

Last night I went to a wedding for a friend whom I work with here in Kuwait. When I get the photos off my cell I will post some of me in my dishdasha.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Had dinner the other night with Jim Davis at Wasabi restaurant. He is in town for a little while for work. Next week we will have two more guests from Kwaj coming over from Afghanistan. It is nice to see old faces and chat about what's going on as well as stories of the past.

Weather lately has become a bit dusty. The winds have been picking up but they say that they should die back down here in the next few days or so. Not too hot yet but that is on it's way.

Heather and I had a great time on vacation. Got the chance to see the folks. I had the opportunity to play some cards at Foxwoods. I did fair. Nothing special. Cash games I pretty much broke even as I was bored and started drinking. The tourney I finshed just out of the money. The pay out would have been pretty good as over 150 had entered at $340 each. I just couldn't buy rent or lease cards and had to make everything work just right. Caught busted on the river. Oh well thems the breaks. One odd thing though was they would not let me talk to anyone or the pther players left in the hand. I like to chat and see if I can get a reaction and they said that you cannot do that. Kinda odd as I see them all the time on TV do this. I have done this in Vegas before too. Oh well.

Not a whole lot else to say right now. Take care all and keep in touch.

Congrats to Travis and Grace on their new addition!!!!!!!!!!!