Saturday, December 09, 2006

Well the winter season is fully upon us. The temperature upon my heading into work today according to the radio was a very cool 10° C and Heather has a tree and we will decorate it this week.

On Thursday, our Saturday here, we have tickets to go to the local rugby chapters annual Christmas Cracker dinner. This is a black tie affair. Heather and I went out with our good friends the Patti and Eddy Cars and purchased appropriate attire for this function. Heather has a stunning new dress and shoes and I have a nice Tuxedo for the gala. Should be a good time to be had by all. Will be fun to see folks normally known for hard hitting on the pitch in their finest singing rugby songs while in black tie.

Also I have just got my new softball bat and glove in and am dieing to get onto the field. I hear Steve after years has now purchased a new glove and bat. Actually we may have the same bat. I have just picked up the 27.5 ounce Mayhem Jeff Hall edition. I was looking at others but the Dubai tourney is very ASA strict so all bats must comply with the 2004 ASA ruling. The glove is a SSK and only has 4 fingers. The pinky and the finger next to it share a finger in the glove. We’ll see how it works after she is broken in.

For those interested and having not seen them please click on the link to Heather’s website and view the pictures of our villa here in Kuwait. Reservations are still available so call now for a real heck of a deal. Spare room has a king size bed and a full bathroom and tub.

Hope this finds all of you, our friends, having an enjoyable time where ever you may be. Happy Holidays!

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