Monday, January 22, 2007

This weekend was relatively quiet. Our house guest Devin from Kwaj has departed us for Afghanistan. We have our new car port built to protect our vehicles from rain and in summer the searing sun. We have caught up on all the current Heroes episodes via iTunes downloads. All is semi restful. Heather still has class this week. She is learning more advanced computer stuff.

The weather is slowly starting to go up a little bit. During the day I do not require a jacket unless it is overcast. At night I still have to have a jacket on though to keep warm.

Sounds like the Criminals softball team is off to a good start with a win in their first game according to Steve. Let’s hope they go undefeated. Except maybe against my brothers team. Got to root for my brother.

As always keep in touch and do not be afraid to drop us a line or come and visit. My specialty for the week is slipper lobster risotto with heaps of parmesean cheese. Also desert truffles are appearing in the stores as well.

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