Monday, January 22, 2007

Another day another Kuwaiti Dinar. And today I believe that equals $3.5 US. Yes shopping is weird sometimes. McDonalds meals are about 1.2 KD for a meal not super sized. To fill the gas tank on the car is about 3 KD. This is one of the things we have here that is a little different from home.

We watched the movie Blood Diamond last night. Not too bad. I kinda liked it. Another one we watched recently that I though was hilarious was Borat. The movie was a bit over the top at times but comical non-the-less. Also wacthed and really liked the movie Bobby. Believe it or not the movie buffs in us have not been out to see very many movies other than Eragon.

Attached picture is of a herder out by Abraq Range, Kuwait.

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ALM said...

Hey Tom, love the blog. Good work man. Enjoy your news toys, sounds fun. I'm interested in your experiences with the locals? Are you able to interact much? How do they react to Americans? Well, give my best to Heather. Stay warm! I'm off to New Zealand on 16 Feb and then over to Fiji in early March. Cheers,