Tuesday, January 02, 2007


Well obviously being on Kwaj for so long has not helped me in surviving the cold. I thought the desert was suppose to be hot? Lately at night it has been around 1 degree Celsius. So I guess here we deal with the highest highs and some pretty darn low lows.

Holidays went very well. Work is going well. Nothing really to crazy to report. Is nice being able to go out to a restaurant for dinner. So far Wasabi is my favorite with Ninos coming in a close second. Ninos being a really nice Italian place on the Gulf and Wasabi a really good sushi and Japanese cuisine place.

I guess Kid Rock did an impromtu concert here at Camp Arifjan. Unfortunately I do not have my badge for that base yet. Oh well. I here Michael Jackson is coming to do a concert here as well. Oh hell no am I not going to that.

Well guess thats it for now. Happy Holidays.

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