Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Well for those not in the know I have been given the opportunity to work in Cambodia and I am taking it. I had previously had to turn the same position down twice due to bad timing and previous commitments. This time I have nothing in my way and I am off to a new and big challange as the regional manager of a great non-profit organization named GoldenWest.

Heather will be headed back stateside to help her folks out as her father is currently going through some very rough cancer treatments. Also she will take this opportunity to complete her college degree.

We are both very excited about everything. If any of you are travelling through Southeast Asia drop me a line. I may be able to make time to see you. I will be working mostly in Cambodia but also will have work in Vietnam as well.

Cheers to all and keep in touch!!!!

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Justin said...

Dude, where are the pics of the minis man. Come on now I was looking forward to the little zoom zoom minis pictures.

Rock on and keep in touch bro!