Thursday, September 18, 2008

Well folks sorry for the time between these but we have been hectic with the move.

So we are currently in New Mexico visiting our dear friends Benjaneer and Linda. We have been eating Mexican food and driving both Ben's and our cars. Currently we have more cars here at his house than does he. We have the 1978 Fiat Spider, 08 Cooper and 08 Cooper S. Picts to folow as well. Ben has the 944 Porsche, 928 Porsche and his Suburban he lovingly calls the "Moose".

We should be off in aboout a week to visit Colorado Springs before heading to the folks house in Nevada.

Picric is doing well and is enjoying the time she has with Aunt Linda and Uncle Ben, not the wild rice mind you.

I think later this week we are going to visit White Sands. We drove through the range up into the mountains earlier this week to see a really cool lodge that over looks the valley below and the sands. The lodge had previously been visited by Clark Gable and Judy Garland and there names are carved in the tower there as well.

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