Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I got a new watch yesterday. I have been looking at it for some time now. I like the features of this watch where if you touch the button on the side and then you touch the face at various points you access the features of the watch such as altimeter, barimetric, compass, chrono, thermo and alarm. Reviews are hit and miss on amazon.com. I decided I just could not find anything else I liked and picked it up. One warning I will have to look at is that folks say not to send it through the metal detector too many times in the airport, which is fine as normally you have to take it off and put it into a bowl that you get on the other side.

My favorite watch is still the Corum my wife bought me for Christmas/birthday.
Given the cash, the next watch would be either a Panerai or another Corum.

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