Monday, November 19, 2007

Well my apologies for having not posted in a few weeks. We have been knee deep in moving our household. We now reside in a villa with Devin & Tera Noel, also from Kwajalein. Although Tera will be following soon as she takes care of some stuff state side first.

Work has been busy as of late as I am teaching a month long school starting in January. Lots and lots of power point presentations!

Also we are hoping that Benjaneer will be coming to visit for New Year here. If he does we think we will be going for a 4-5 day weekend to Jordan and see Petra. For those not in the know that is the cave temple type place from Indian Jones and the Last Crusade. They also have a collusium and many other neat things to see and experience. The dead sea may be a bit too cold to play in though.

Weather is chilling off fast and they say in the morning next week it could dip to under zero celsius. Thursday we get our first rain in almost 6 months or more.

Well thats all the news thats fit to print for now. Cheers all.

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