Thursday, November 29, 2007

Freezing cold today. It is definitely jacket weather once again. I even had to turn on the heat in the car today. The mornings come close to zero Celsius during winter here.

This weekend we are having some military folks over for an EOD operations planning meeting as well as to enjoy some food. Should be a good time.

Still working out the kinks but looks like no matter what we are going to Jordan for New Years. they have alcohol there and even make there own beer and wine in country. We will see some desert castles, Petra and many other cool ancient sites. Pictures will be posted here upon our return as well as on my myspace page.

This weekend we should be getting our tree and putting it up. So send me, I mean us, presents to place under the tree.

Merry Christmas all!!!!!!!!

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eronious said...

Yay! I get a tree! And I have a whole internet full of people to verify that Tom said I could. Weeee! Happy early ho-ho to me!