Monday, July 16, 2007

Weather is about 115 degrees each day here now. Actually it is not that bad as it is a dry heat. the biggest pain in the but is if you go shopping you go straight home. If you park anywhere that is not covered for any length of time the car gets so hot inside I do not want to touch the steering wheel until the AC has time to cool things off. So food needs to be driven straight home. It is a good thing we had covered parking installed above our two parking stalls. I also have covered at work as well. Just when we are out and about that it is a big deal.

Not much new other than that. We may be looking at going to Rome, Italy for 4-5 days in September for a weekend break. Ramadan is in Spetember as well this year. Not a bad time to leave for a few days. During Ramadan all restaurants are closed during light time hours and there is no eating drinking (even water) or smoking in public or even at work. You have to be hidden in your home for any of those things.

Next summer we take Heathers folks to Ireland for a couple weeks. Should be a good time as they are pretty cool to hang out with and a good time.

Well thats about it for now. Sorry nothing to exciting but all we do here is work, rest and save money so we can buy a house. :-)

Take care everyone and keep in touch,

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