Friday, November 10, 2006

Well Heather and I had a good weekedend together. She had microsoft exchange class all week so was off her normal schedule and able to share the weekend with me. We ended up at the mall doing some shopping and just hanging around.

The weather is starting to get cold. Soon they say we will need jackets during the day. Very nice weather right now.

Looks like we are going to be getting the Porsche. I am quite excited. When we move back home or where ever from here she is an item that will travel with us. A picture will follow once we have signed the deal and have her in our parking spot here at the villa. Not sure if Heather likes the car more or the ever present shit-eating grin on my face. She is a 2004 Carrera. Heather says I have to name her but we shall see.

Well hope this finds all of you doing well. Feel free to book tickets and come and visit.

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Anonymous said...

Hi baby! I like your blog. Is that a picture from your shop? Have you noticed that you start like 99% of them with the word "Well..."? I just thought that was funny.