Friday, September 15, 2006

Well I will be off to close my account with IT here in a few short hours and then will head to the plane to fly off island until such time as Heather and I decide to come back home to Kwajalein. It has been a helluva run over the past 6 years. Alot has happened while here.

  1. I met my one true love and took her as my life partner, wife.
  2. I have had the opportunity to dive some of the best reef and wrecks available in the world. I have met some of the best people and friends that I have ever had the pleasure to say will always be a part of my family.
  3. I got the opportunity to spend more time with my brother and help him to find employment out on the island as well.
  4. I have fished with out fishing pole using nothing but parachute cord and lures.
  5. I have partied and drank like a rock star.
  6. I have played for quite possibly the world's greatest Softball team on the face of the earth. You don't have to retire my number Steve.
  7. I have had the opportunity to coach some fo the best gals around in soccer and softball.

I could continue to list but that would take me forever. Let me just leave you all with I will miss you all and hope that we all continue to keep in touch and to meet up when we can as we all make our ways throughout the globe. Kwajalein Atoll is shaped like a boomarang and my gut says we will be back at some point in time.


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