Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Well all the paperwork seems to be done and I am just buying the last few things that I feel I may need for the next few months in Kuwait. I should be flying out of here on the 28th and should be in country on the 29th. I really have no real clue what to expect but when I get there I will fill you all in.

The folks are doing fine. Had the opportunity to see some family and take them to dinner which was very nice. Tomorrow I think I will be off to see a movie, most likely the Talladega Nights movie with Will Ferrell.

Last night around the corner someones car got absolutely totaled and they had to land a helicopter to pick up the wounded. The car got slammed into on the side and spun 360 degrees. Damn I miss my bike.........hahahahahaha.

Trying to stay away from the fast food but did go out to Ruth's Chris the other night.

Well I gues thats it for now. Take care and keep in touch. RangeRat1@gmail.com

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