Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Well I have passed my yellow belt for Six Sigma and am looking to move on forward to green belt here in the next week or so. I did the whole thing online. For those of you not in the know it is a type of TQM or Total Quality Management course. It is the latest and greatest catch phrase in the corporate realms.

Weather here is starting to warm up. Funny hearing the Kuwaitis say that as they should be use to it by now. Alot of them leave for the summer as they are not big fans of the summer heat waves. The roads actually are noticeably less congested and open during the summer. Many ex-pat and Kuwaiti alike leave for the summer. Personally, I do not mind the heat so much.

I am off to the special forces and security conference in Jordan next week. Will post picts upon my return. Should be a good time. I will report on how it went when I get back home.

A few days after I get back to Kuwait I leave yet again but this time with my lovely wife to go and play in the Dubai softball tourney. This site shows the field. What a heck of a good field!!!!! Also there is a bar not more than a hop, skip and stumble away. Actually there is a hotel attached to the field with 3+ bars, 5+ restaraunts and a multiplex movie theatre.

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eronious said...

I miss you, babe!

Also, I'm glad ONE of us will be able to avail ourselves of the bar on the field. haha!