Monday, February 18, 2008

Well we are getting ready to celebrate Liberation day here in Kuwait. This means loads of shaving cream and silly string. Cars driving up town will be on the attack from other vehicles as well as packs of kids. Vehicles battle as they drive and stop at red lights. Some cars have every window and the sun roof occupied by persons armed and firing away. Makes it hard to see sometimes as the stuff covers your windshield.

Other than that Heather and I are just getting ready for our 4 day trip to Dubai in April and our 2 week trip to Ireland and London with the in-laws in July.

Weather is almost perfect these dasy as it is neither hot nor cold right now. Had a wicked dust storm this weekend. I wish I would have had the video camera with us as we drove to a friend of Heather's house this weekend for a birthday party. You could barely make out the cars coming at you at 75 yards. The traffic lights blew all over the place dancing about in the air.

I pass the time these days either swimming and watching sports, looking at house plans and looking for lots to build on or playing the XBOX 360. Softball practice has been delayed until March due to the fact the field is being used until then. Then we have to get ready for the tournament.

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