Saturday, October 06, 2007

Well my poor Spartans lost tonight because they had no defense. Lets hope the Lions have better luck against the Redskins tomorrow.

Had a nice gentlemen over the other day from Kurdistan along with a close friend who works here in Kuwait. Saw some great photos of his family up in Kurdistan. Lots of green grass, fir trees and mountains. Not what I expected from the northern portion of Iraq. Kurdistan though is internationally recognized as a federal entity now though. Not quite the same as recognition as a country but is a start for them.

The skies are over cast as of late leading into rains probably in a few short weeks to a month.

Sounds like some jobs are going the way of the dodo on Kwaj as well. I have heard some lay offs in Logistics and at the bakery. They say possibility of more TBD. Lets all hope none more follow as I have many friends there and have not ruled out a second tour!

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