Thursday, September 20, 2007

Well Ramadan is into full swing here in Kuwait. The roads are dead during prayer times and packed just before and after. I think everyone should experience the driving here at one point or another in their life as it compares to nothing else on Earth.

We have a few guests staying with us this week. Ross is here from Afghanistan for a class at Arifjan. He he yet another of the transients we get from ITT in Afghanistan. Also we have with us Devin Noel. Devin is moving here as he has transferred from ITT Afghan to ITT Kuwait. If I remember correctly he and Heather will be working together.

The car is in the shop getting some new shoes and a cleaning and then we are going to put her up for sale. She has been fun but it is time we tried to optimize the money we put away so we do not have to stay here forever. I will buy another Porsche in the states though! They are just so nice and fun to drive.

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