Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Injuries to myself, and at least three others, had us limp to a win and end up over all in 4th place. After sliding into 2nd, and being safe, I ended up with a sore as heck thigh. We had no subs so I was to stay in this game and the next one. I ended up batting quite well though. Got a triple and the rest were all singles. Batted about a 650. Took a bit getting used to sliding once again. The tournament was a total blast though. We were in C and had 8 teams. There was an A and B as well as one womens bracket making for about 30 teams in Dubai. Teams came from Egypt, Kuwait, Saudi, Qatar and Bahrain. We also had one team from Europ and the USS Stennis.

VEGAS once again. I will be heading to Vegas to play some poker and maybe enter in the 1st tourney of the World Championship of Poker. Going to try and play my way in as the entry fee is $5000. A bit to high to drop for a tourney. So I will try a satellite tourney that morning to try and get in last minute.

Sounds like I will get one night though to see some old friends while I am there which is pretty cool.

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