Sunday, April 01, 2007

Well my apologies for having not posted lately. I am doing this at the office real quick since we do not have internet at the new villa yet.

We are doing well and have moved to our new home. Since this one was unfurnished it cost a few bucks to outfit as we needed everything to include all appliances. It has even more room than the last place though. One thing we do need to get done fairly fast is to get a bed into the guestroom so when folks come through they have a place to stay.

Weather seems to be warming up lately but not too much. It is very comfortable outside right now during the day. It has been about 29 degrees Celsius lately during the day.

On the softball front we had a scrimmage against some guys from the US Embassy. Was a fun time. We need to get some work done prior to going to Dubai this month for the tourney.

Well I guess thats all the news thats fit to print for today. Once we get the internet at the house I will get some more pictures onto the site for you all. Cheers. Stay safe!!!!!

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