Sunday, March 04, 2007

Work is keeping me very busy lately as we try to accomplish as much as possible prior to the heat rolling in this summer and late Spring. Come summer nothing gets done due to the heat. Or at least nearly nothing outdoors.
This picture above is of a communications tower as you come into Kuwait city. Picture taken from the sun roof of the Porsche by Tara, an ex-Kwajer whom was here TDY from Afghanistan where she is stationed with her husband Devon.
Softball tournament is coming up quick. I am 8 weeks out from travelling to play in Dubai. Should be a good time. We have two teams from Kuwait going. Supposedly they are at 30+ teams for the tourney. Guarenteed 4 games. Two games for seeding and then the normal 2 losses and you are out format. Will get pictures and post them after the tourney.

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