Tuesday, February 13, 2007

My apologies for having not posted in a few days but the internet service provider here has been down for a few days. Oh well so is life.

Have had a few cool adventures as of late. Heather and I drove into the desert to watch the sunset and look for camels. Had a nice afternoon. The desert is in bloom with blades of green grass and yellow flowers. Not for long though I hear as summer is approaching soon enough and will dry it all up and take it all away from us. Then it will be dust and hot searing heat. Upwards of high 120's at times. Quite the drastic change from freezing cold just a few months ago. Ah yes, life in the desert.

The car is doing well. I drive her every single day and enjoy every single second of it. I just can't see owning anything less ever again after driving this car.

Well keep in touch and stay safe all.

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