Sunday, October 01, 2006

Well here I am in Kuwait. Got to love a place that charges more for bottled water than for a tank of gas. Gas costs are about 76 cents a gallon. Work schedule is great during Ramadan. I work 4.5 hours a day. Also looks like I have a week long holiday the end of the month and with weekends at each end that means 9 days off. I love being salaried now. Well drop me a line at and let me know how you all are doing. More picts to follow. This was just a kwickie out the window of the temp apartment they have me in for the time being. You can see the Persian Gulf in the back ground. Many of the places I have been scouting for Heathen and I are across the street from the water and have a Starbucks close by.


Anonymous said...

what kwickie????? was there suppose to be a picture??????

John and family were here yesterday. Had a good day. He and I took the kids to the pool. Dad and Deb rested and read.

Anonymous said...

OK there it is. Did you just add it. It wasn't there the first couple of times I read you entry?